Without access, there is
no leverage.

Our Mission

Minority and women business founders often encounter more obstacles when launching their businesses than their counterparts of other social groups. This inequality has caused many promising minority-founded technology startups in the San Francisco Bay Area fail. Initiated by TUYO VENTURES LLC, a San Francisco based venture capital firm, the Working Party Group was launched to alleviate the situation. We identify these startups and provide their founders with access to business imperatives which are critical to startup businesses.

Human Capital


Investment Network


We believe founders know their business ideas the best but not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. We assist founders with assembling a Board of Advisors with experience and qualifications in six key business areas for six months. This Board of Advisors will equip our founders with all necessary knowledge and skills to run an enterprise.


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Anson Lam
Program Manager

Anson oversees the selection process, the formation of advisory team and the overall operation of the initiative. To learn more about TWPG, leave us a message.